June 15, 2024

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What The World Eats: 10 Popular Countries And Their Traditional Breakfast

We all wish to travel the world someday! As foodies, we are curious to know what kind of food is served in different parts of the country. What do French people eat for dinner? Do Sri Lankans also eat rice just like we do? What is breakfast like in other countries besides India? If these questions keep popping into your mind, then this article is just for you! We have found out what breakfast is like around the world and listed it as the classic breakfast eaten in some of our dream destinations.

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Breakfast Around The World: 10 Popular Countries And What They Have For Breakfast:

1. Japan

This island country in East Asia has breakfast unlike we have ever seen before! A typical Japanese breakfast has sticky rice, grilled fish, miso soup, natto and tamagoyaki. As Indians, we are used to having rice in our daily diet, but to see it for breakfast can be truly mind-bending. Tamagoyaki is a Japanese rolled egg and natto is fermented soybeans. All these dishes are enjoyed together as a meal.


2. Spain

This European country has been on everybody’s bucket list ever since the release of the Bollywood hit Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! Spain holds a rich culture and history when it comes to food. Spanish people are one of many European communities that enjoy a sweet breakfast! While they do have savoury breakfast too, their breakfast classic is a plate full of crispy and warm churros along with chocolate sauce and milk coffee.


3. France

Another sweet breakfast on this list, croissants are a breakfast classic within France! Often paired with a strong cup of coffee, French people prefer to indulge in a simple and quick breakfast. People also indulge in pain au chocolate, which is basically a chocolate croissant, but that is considered a weekend indulgence.

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4. Italy

Coffee is a must for an authentic Italian breakfast! As a matter of fact, Italians are famous for their authentic coffee. They also like to pair their morning coffee with a sweet breakfast, ideally a sweet pastry like cornetti. However, there is a twist. Cornetti is actually an Italian croissant! They also like to pair their coffee with biscotti.

5. Turkey

With influences of Mediterranean, Ottoman, Middle Eastern and East European cuisines, Turkish food is quite the grand affair. Even the traditional Turkish breakfast is considered a feast! The breakfast consists of a variety of cheese, marinated olives, jams and spreads, Turkish breads (simit), eggs and Turkish sausages (sucuk, basturma). Tea is also essential for breakfast, however, it is not the milk tea we Indians are familiar with.


6. USA

Thanks to American television, we are all pretty much familiar with American breakfast. Many of us have even tried many American breakfast classics! A typical breakfast consists of fried bacon, hash browns, waffles, pancakes and scrambled eggs. American breakfast can be very heavy and decadent, while all these dishes are not eaten together, they are often enjoyed in pairs – bacon and eggs, bacon and pancakes, eggs and hash browns, etc.


7. Mexico

While this country is in North America, Mexican cuisine is very different from American cuisine! We are familiar with tacos, burritos, and nachos but little do we know what Mexican breakfast looks like. The traditional Mexican breakfast is known as huevos rancheros; it is fried eggs served with corn tortillas and salsa.


8. UK

The full English breakfast is one thing we have all heard of, but we don’t really know what makes the full English breakfast! This grand breakfast is typically enjoyed on the weekend and consists of baked beans, English sausages, roasted tomatoes, black pudding, sunny side up, bacon and bread. This is considered an entire meal, and all these dishes are eaten together.


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9. South Korea

Korean culture is all the rage these days! We are fans of K-Pop bands and we obsess over K-Dramas. It only makes us curious about Korean cuisine! While we have become somewhat familiar with Korean food, we still don’t really know what Koreans eat for breakfast. Typical breakfast dishes within Korean culture are kimchi stew, Korean egg, kimchi eggs, Korean egg rolls and abalone porridge.


10. Thailand

Another popular bucket list destination, Thailand is one place that every friend group has been planning to visit. While we are familiar with Thai cuisine dishes like Pad Thai, Som Tam salad and Thai curry, we are still not sure what Thai breakfast looks like. Typically, Thai breakfast consists of dishes like rice congee (jook), grilled pork, Thai-style doughnuts, omelette with rice and chicken rice.


Which country’s breakfast would you like to try first? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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