February 28, 2024

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The USA’s Best Food Cities for Travelers on a Budget

The United States of America is packed with a variety of cultures and cuisines thanks to the diverse range of people who now call it their home. Because of this, delicious, traditional food isn’t actually that hard to come by. If you’re travelling America and want to eat the best food but you’re on a tight budget, check out the cities you need to visit:

#• Houston, Texas

Houston is America’s fourth largest city. With its enormous size comes lots of choice in terms of where to eat for dinner. Houston can offer barbecue and Tex-Mex and huge slabs of ribs, but it can also offer you food it’s taken on from its influences like New Orleans and the Caribbean. Try Vietnamese food made by native Vietnam immigrants or indulge in a Korea/Mexican hybrid like ‘Oh My Gogi!’ in the city centre.

#• Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati’s affordable food scene is a real treat for visitors in the area. Their famous chilli is served over noodles, not in a bowl. You also have endless topping options like cheese, onions, beans and even oyster crackers. You can also experience some German-inspired cuisine thanks to its German immigrant history. Enjoy goetta, a German sausage and grain patty for breakfast.

#• Orlando, Florida

Travelling between cities can be tiring, so food fuel stops are definitely needed in-between destinations in the car with your travel pillow and blankets. Orlando isn’t just all about Disney World (though it’s a big part), but also the amazing food on offer. Thousands of refugees settled here after the Vietnam war, which has greatly influenced the cuisine. Enjoy delicious, budget-friendly, authentic food from a range of Vietnamese restaurants.

#• Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you’re on a long road journey resting on your neck pillow against the window, you’ll notice that American diners are a common sight in New Mexico, especially seeing as Albuquerque is on route 66. Bacon topped pancakes drizzled with syrup, milkshakes and classic cheeseburgers are a go-to in New Mexico. Away from the diners, you’ll find New Mexico’s famous chillies, with fresh red and green chilli’s grown especially for their dishes.

#• Portland, Oregon

Portland has become famous for its amazing sweet treats, in particular their doughnuts. They have a large variety of food in general that’s ideal for those on a budget, especially food truck vans propped up on the side of the road. Portland are also big on happy hours, so you can definitely bag a deal or two