July 13, 2024

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Make Your River Whale Watching Experience a Memorable One

A lot of people have become more interested in whales from across the globe ever since killing them has been considered a crime by most. This has made it possible for whale watching to be done in varied locations in this day and age. Whale watching has become a favorite bonding time for families and friends.

In North America, commercial whale watching started off in the year 1971 where Beluga and Fin whales were among the most popular whales to see followed by Southern Right and Humpback whales. Starting the middle of the eighties, whale watching has become an activity that has aroused the interest of a lot of people. This has led to several countries making revenues and have become on demand in terms of tourist attractions.

It is typically the spring season, where most whales will find certain shores in locations to be attractive leading visitors to want to check them out. If you are planning to watch these whales up close, it is best that you take river whale watching tours. If you have plans of doing this activity, then you should look upon what whale tours are offered near you. Certain locations will be able to offer you these whale tours so you have to take the time to think about them. Before you make any bookings on these river whale watching tours, go with agencies or companies that have been in the business for quite some time. Your whale watching activity becomes all that more interesting when you choose a good company where their boat operator will be leading you to the best places to be checking out these whales. Here is a guide to enjoying your river whale watching tour when you have chosen a good agency to help you out.

When it comes to making the most of your whale watching experience, see to it that you have a pair of sunglasses with you to keep your eyes protected from the reflection and glare of the sea surface. For the best whale watching experience, do not forget to bring your reliable cameras and binoculars with you.

Even if your boat must be standing idly and you can see it rolling swells and you kind feel queasy, this may imply that sea sickness is underway so you have to be prepared with what is ahead of you. The best places to be sitting down when you go on whale watching tours is the raised and bow areas. Your boat operator will often avoid motoring up too close to them as they will have some disturbances on the whales. Keep in mind that whales are no fans of people disrupting their territories.

Thus, for making your whale watching experience a truly memorable one, always have experts with you. You gain the best experience in whale watching not just by seeing them but getting as much information about them and how they thrive through educated boat operators or whale watching tour guides.

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