April 25, 2024

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Instagram ‘Food Antagonist’ Joe Rosenthal is keeping receipts

That’s a concern visitor Joe Rosenthal ponders though talking about his get the job done as a self-explained “foods antagonist” on Instagram. Rosenthal is what Further Spicy host and Chronicle foods critic Soleil Ho phone calls a “serial receipt-keeper,” documenting and shedding mild on meals-globe wrongdoing less than the handle @joe_rosenthal.

On this episode of More Spicy, Rosenthal and Ho dive into what motivates him, the fallacy of terminate society and why people today don’t want to give up their problematic favorites.

Further Spicy is:
Hosted by Soleil Ho
Created by Téa Francesca Cost and Caron Creighton
Govt producer: Sarah Feldberg 

Hear to the episode by clicking on the player previously mentioned, or wherever you get your podcasts. Scroll down to read the transcript of an excerpt of Soleil Ho’s discussion with Joe Rosenthal, edited and shortened for clarity:

SOLEIL: How would you reveal this want among the people who are frequently strangers to reach out to you via Instagram, to speak about all this truly intensive stuff?

Joe: I assume it sort of will come down to this strategy, I almost want to phone it a fallacy, of cancel culture where by you will find this inherent power framework that is sort of at someone’s whim just canceling people today. Suitable? And I assume actually, you will find clearly bad actors out there, but I assume in general, it can be a good deal of people just screaming for accountability. Folks see that at the very least some of what I’m carrying out has type of damaged by way of. You know, you can find been some press create ups about instances I have taken on. And so I feel individuals have this experience of hope that possibly I can assistance them arrive at for this accountability.

SOLEIL: And let us be very clear. How do you determine accountability? Like what is that?