December 2, 2023

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California vacation was a family getaway until a racist rant began

The Washington family against the scenic background of the Golden Gate Bridge. From left to right: Wayne Washington II, Erica Anderson, Wayne Washington, Shelia Washington and Ashley Washington.

The old man seemed to need some help.

Using his wheelchair as a sort of walker, he had very slowly made his way onto the train with me, my family and others looking to go from the Bay Area Rapid Transit System’s Powell Street Station in downtown San Francisco to San Francisco International Airport.

We had all briefly gotten on the wrong train and needed to exit and wait for the next one.

I thought to go to the man to help him because he was the last of us to get off the train.

I had no way of knowing that, in 20 minutes, I’d be calling for police to get this old man away from me and my family and to stop him from hurling racist invective at us.