February 24, 2024

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4 Places To Visit In 2019

Picking a holiday destination is something which could be extremely hard given the number of places available and the extremely different price range based on where you’re travelling from. With this in mind, this list of 4 amazing places to choose will definitely help you pick your holiday destination.

#1: Los Angeles

LA is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, given the number of things you can see there. From amazing seaside to a variety of Instagrammable places to visit, restaurants to dine at and much more, Los Angeles is something else. The only downside would be the fact that the city itself is quite expensive, but that also highly depends on which time of the year you’ve chosen to visit. A must see? Definitely the hills and the Universal Studios!

#2: New York

Another one for America, New York is a melting pot for cultures, languages and, most importantly, people. The big apple is a must see for everyone who loves the concrete jungle as it guarantees a variety of things to see which will satisfy (literally) everyone. New York is definitely expensive, so you’d better properly plan your holiday there before you leave.

#3: Rome

Italy’s jewel and home of three-quarters of the world’s ancient history, Rome is another must see if you enjoy food, culture, art and architecture. With dozens of sites to see and all of them at a walking distance from each other, Rome is definitely a place which you want to see before you die. The best part? Most of these sites are free and the city itself isn’t that expensive!

#4: London

Just like New York, London is another great melting pot for cultures and people from all around the world. There are, yet again, a lot of things to see there but, definitely, either if you enjoy the British culture or not, everything around Westminster would be a great pick. London is definitely another expensive city, especially for what concerns dining out. I’d personally recommend you to check out for restaurant deals or just by downloading apps like the Dines app, just to save yourself some money.